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Check Your Bandwidth Usage

In order to check your bandwidth, you need to be using your Wireless connection with Frazier Mountain Internet Service.

If you wish to check your bandwidth when you're not using your Frazier Mountain Wireless connection, either call us at 661-242-5500, or e-mail to us at

If you're using more data than you'd like, here's some ideas to help you lower your bandwidth usage:

  1. For streaming services, change the settings for the streaming rate from the default (which usually gives you a High Definition quality of 720p or 1080p) to a lower quality streaming rate. For example, with Netflix, you can change from "Auto" (which will typically use 2 GB to 4 GB per hour of video) to Medium (which uses about ¾ of a GB per hour of video). This lowers the resolution of the picture to SD (Standard Definition, 480p) quality. The picture won't look quite as sharp. But, for most people it looks plenty good enough. This change alone will tend to cut your bandwidth usage to ⅓ or less of what it was while still watching the same amount of video. Netflix even has a Low setting which uses half as much as the Medium setting. Accordingly, it's quite possible to cut Netflix usage to ⅙ or less of the default setting while still watching the same amount of video (at a reduced quality).

    There are ways to reduce streaming quality and bandwidth usage for almost all services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, DirecTV, YouTube, and others. If you need help with changing settings, please feel free to call us and we'd be happy to assist you with whatever services you use for streaming.

  2. If you have one of our Mikrotik Hap Lite routers (usually a small white and blue box with 4 places for ethernet cables to plug in), then we can help you to throttle the available bandwidth to specific devices. In this way, you can reduce the bandwidth usage without having to adjust the streaming rate at each of your providers. For instance, if you have a smart TV that you'd like to lower the resolution to 480p (SD - Standard Definition) when streaming on that TV, just give us a call and we can configure your Mikrotik router so that all streaming services on that Smart TV will be forced down to 480p quality. This allows all other devices at your location to still have the full bandwidth available to them, while only lowering the bandwidth available to the specific device we throttle (the Smart TV in this example)
  3. Be certain that you stop all streaming when you're not using it. Some customers will use streaming services like they've always used their TV - leaving it on in the background even if they're not watching it. This can add a lot of usage while providing little, if any, benefit.
  4. Remember that we don't count bandwidth usage between 10:00pm to 8:00am. If it's possible to schedule high bandwidth usage activities during these hours (i.e., some services allow for downloading and saving videos to your computers, DVRs, etc.), then you can save a lot of bandwidth usage by doing these activies in the offpeak hours.

If you need any more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at 661-242-5500 or e-mail to us at